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​Whether your current employer has an approved ICE Training Scheme or not, the Civil Engineering Mentor can support you in completing your Initial Professional Development and prepare for your Professional Review.  This involves:

  • Reviewing your experience to date

  • Keeping you up to date with the current requirements for IPD, the Professional Review process and training requirements

  • Monitoring your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), including suggestions for activities that would provide a more 'varied' CPD record

  • Monitoring your training and development via quarterly reports and discussions over the phone

  • Undertaking annual appraisals and recording the outcome on IPD Online

  • For Career Appraisal candidates: supporting you in developing your Career Appraisal report prior to ICE Career Appraisal assessment

  • Helping you to structure, prepare and review your Professional Review Report

  • Helping you to structure, prepare and review your presentation

  • Undertaking a mock review with you

To discuss how the Civil Engineering Mentor could support you throughout the whole process, please send me an email, or use the chat function at the bottom of the screen.

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