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It is very common for candidates to get confused with what each attribute is asking for.  Below are some tips to help you. 

Attribute 1 - Knowledge and Understanding of Engineering

  • Do you know the engineering principles behind what you are designing / building /  researching? - This is REALLY important, especially for those working on the construction side, who may assume that do not need to know this.

  • Describe your involvement in the design process to develop your solution - what methods / approaches did you use to develop your solution?

  • Understand the best methods of construction - how do you intend your design to be constructed?

  • Outline the problem you need to solve, what factors affect the design, use a scoring matrix to determine the best solution and evaluate your solution - for this part, you should give an example with three or more different solutions

  • Undertake design reviews from consultants - are they giving you the most cost-effective design?  How do you sense-check their output?

Attribute 2 - Management and Leadership

  • Are you able to spot potential issues in your team and how would you address them?

  • Describe how you would manage your projects - you do not have to use MS Project or Asta Powerproject!

  • What kind of manager are you?

  • Critical path and droplines in your programme

  • What is Quality?

Attribute 3 - Commercial ability

  • Understand the key elements of the contracts that you are using.  How are the risks apportioned?  What systems are in place to pay your contractor? What is the structure of your contract and how do you deal with disputes?

  • Provide an example of when you judged an overspend was acceptable and what did you do about it.

  • How are your projects funded?

  • What tools do you use to keep track of your budget?

Attribute 4 - Health, Safety and Welfare

  • Demonstrate that you can anticipate hazards and mitigate risks in the project lifecycle (design, build, operation, maintenance, decommission and disposal).

  • CDM 2015 - role of each party, aims of CDM, elements to be incorporated into all construction projects.

  • Don't forget about welfare!

Attribute 5 - Sustainable Development

  • Read Engineering Council's Guidance on Sustainability and understand the six principles.

  • Understand the three pillars of sustainability - remember, sustainability is not just about the environment!

  • Provide and example of an engineering solution that has satisfied the client's brief, whilst controlling capital cost, maintenance cost and environmental cost

  • Specifying / using sustainable materials

  • How do your activities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Attribute 6 - Interpersonal Skills and Communication

  • Discuss the different audiences that you communicate with and the methods and style of communication that you use.

  • What makes communication effective and how do you measure success?

  • How does your style of communication change when you are presenting a proposal to your Director or a member of the public?

  • Provide an example of where you have persuaded others and justified your proposal leading to full co-operation.

Attribute 7 - Professional Commitment

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