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So you have completed your IPD.  Congratulations!  The final step to becoming professionally qualified is to pass your professional review.

Firstly, you need to make an application for your Professional Review.   The application gives the ICE the relevant information to arrange your professional review.


The dates for the professional review can be found here.

This stage of the process consists of:

  • Making an initial application

  • Seeking support from sponsors

  • Providing evidence that you have completed your Initial Professional Development

  • Submitting a 2 page CV

  • Submitting a Professional Review Report, signed by your lead sponsor

  • CPD records

  • If you are not a current (graduate) member of the ICE, you will also need to provide evidence that you have achieved the required educational qualifications

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Professional review report

This report is is used to demonstrate that you have achieved all attributes to become professionally qualified.

For CEng and IEng candidates, the report needs to be up to 5,000 words long.  I would recommend having fewer words rather than exceed the word count.  If you are struggling to demonstrate that you have achieved the attributes within the word count, then this puts a bad mark against the Interpersonal Skills and Communication attribute!

Outline your responsibilities and experience gained against each attribute and discuss the background to the project, decisions that you have made, problems that you have overcome and what you have learned.  For CEng candidates, demonstrate how you have taken the lead on your projects.


I would recommend using only one or two projects in your report and make sure you add tables, organograms, photos, graphs and infographics just to break the page up.  No-one wants to read pages of just text!



The CV is not included within the word limit but should be two-page, outlining your career progression, roles and responsibilities and size and financial value of the projects you have been involved in.


Supporting documents can be included as appendices and do not count towards the word limit.  However, please think carefully about what to include.  What are you trying to show the reviewer?  Are they expected to trawl through numbers/text/detailed drawings just to find the required information?  If you include a photo from your construction site, please check what is happening in the background - is there a worker not wearing full PPE or doing something unsafe?  If so, expect the reviewers to concentrate on this instead!

What not to do:

  • Include a project programme from MS Project with 100 rows of small text 

  • Reinforcement schedule - so many numbers on one page!  Do you need to include the whole table?

  • Pages of calculations - it would be more worthwhile to include key extracts to support the text in your project report

Once you have made your application to the ICE, you need to prepare for your Professional review

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