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I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng MICE) with more than 20 years experience and have been Chartered since 2008.  I am an ICE Professional Reviewer, Approved Mentor and Supervising Civil Engineer and I have also set up ICE Training Schemes within companies.


I have a mainly highways/infrastructure background but have a good appreciation of all the fields within civil engineering. 

A link to my LinkedIn page is available upon request.

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Civil Engineering Academy

Listen to The Civil Engineering Mentor appearing as a guest on Civil Engineering Academy's podcast explaining the process to becoming a Chartered Civil Engineer in the UK 

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Co-Host for This Week In Civil Engineering (TWiCE)

The Civil Engineering Mentor is proud to be co-hosting Engineering Management Institute's weekly podcast 'This Week in Civil Engineering'


The Civil Engineering Mentor presenting Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong as part of ICE200

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