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What is Initial Professional Development?

Initial Professional Development (IPD) is the period in your career between gaining a educational base and applying for your professional review.  It is where you develop the skills, knowledge and experience in order to become professionally qualified.

IPD is measured against a set of attributes which is achieved in three stages:

  1. Knowledge - a basic understanding and knowledge of the attribute and how you achieve it

  2. Experience – achieving the attribute in different situations, working under supervision

  3. Ability – achieving the attribute in different situations, assisting others and working unsupervised

How do I complete my IPD?

There are three ways to complete IPD:

  1. ICE Training Scheme - this is a structured training programme run by your employer.  You will be assigned a Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE) and/or Delegated Engineer (DE) who will provide you guidance and support throughout your training.  To find out if your company has an approved training scheme, click here.

  2. Mentor-supported training - this is the route undertaken for candidates who work for companies that do not have an approved ICE Training Scheme.  Support and guidance will be given by an ICE-approved mentor.

  3. Career Appraisal - this route is for candidates who are generally have the required experience to complete IPD.

Can the Civil Engineering Mentor support me in completing IPD?

Yes! As an ICE-Approved Mentor, I can support you whether you are progressing via the Mentor-supported training or Career Appraisal routes.  More information can be found here.

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